The Authoritarian Temper

There is something ugly, yet familiar, stirring in the body politics of Grenada. It is the disposition towards an authoritarian temper. From the response of Peter David and Tillman Thomas to the government’s concerns about the serious breach of protocol in the execution of rehabilitation road work carried out on Williamson road and in other areas of the country during the NDC’s recent Community Service Day, it appears that the very soul of the party is in the grip of the ugliness of authoritarianism.

It is critically important that citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique recognize that this authoritarian temper so vividly and repeatedly displayed by the parliamentary representative for the town of St. George, and supported by the leader of his party, brooks no disagreement from any quarter outside its own wall of fury. Based on our recent turbulent history as a nation, the disposition towards an authoritarian temper in the NDC is Stalinist in character, highly toxic in nature and objectionable in principle in the perspective of the NNP, and, we hope, all well-meaning and well-thinking Grenadian.

Countries are governed in a democracy by one political administration at a time. To avoid governance by the law of the jungle and mob-rule, there are laws, statutes, principles and rules governing civilized social living. The engineering of the framework for civilized social living resides with the elected government and is given teeth by an independent judiciary with the active support of civil society.

Peter David and the NDC have shown gross contempt for civilized social living in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique by leading citizens in  the patching  of a section of Williamson road in St. George and the tearing down and erecting of street signs in other areas, in clear breach of the rules governing the repairing of roads, signage, etc.The Ministry of Communications, Works and Transport was not contacted by either  David  or Thomas about their  plans, neither was advice sought from the technical personnel in the same Ministry. Even the very authority of the Minister with responsibility for the rehabilitation of roads, Sen. the Hon. Brenda Hood, was undermined.

When these breaches were pointed out to Mr. David and Mr. Thomas, the authoritarian temper kicked in. David’s response? “We are going to continue, day after day, week after week” to break the law and cultivate a culture of lawlessness in the country. The NDC, Peter David told the nation, should be “thanked”   by the NNP government for its display of arrogance and contempt for the law. “We have no apology to make to the Minister”, he said on national television. Tillman Thomas said he saw nothing wrong with someone going to bed having a dream and wake up the next morning, tear down street signs and erect new ones with the names of relatives, friends and other members of the community!

Is this the alternative to the NNP government? Can you ever remember Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados being this irresponsible and juvenile when he was in opposition? Could something like this happen in the United States, London, or Canada without holy hell breaking loose by civil society? Didn’t the same authoritarian temper result in the death of innocent Grenadians and the jailing of others not so long ago? Can you trust the present NDC with political power in Grenada? What would happen to progress, peace and stability in Grenada under the NDC? Can you trust men nestled in the leadership of the NDC who once turned guns on their own siblings during the era of the PRG,  publicly scandalize relatives with the worst kind of allegations and fleeced the treasury of the country?

Close your eyes and imagine the NDC we know today governing the Grenada we have come to know and experience over these past 12 years. Can you see why we say: Let the Progress continue with positive change under the NNP?

NNP Perspective - week ending February 1st, 2008

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