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Date: July 14, 2013 at 15:21:26
From: News, []
Subject: Vendomme R.C School currently being renovated


ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, July 10, 2013 - GIS: The Vendomme R.C School, currently being renovated, will be ready in time for the start of the new term in September

The assurance has come from Francis Jeremiah, the contractor leading the project in the presence of Education officials, Private investors and Media workers.,

The group was given a tour of the almost completed facility on Tuesday.

“We project, or we put a prognosis, than in the next six or so weeks, we should be able to complete that project,” Mr. Jeremiah said. “Currently, we are at 90%, or a little more, with the lights, the electrical installation. We have to do an external rail, a wrought iron rail on the outside. We also have to do kitchen construction on the ground floor and painting.”

Private investor, Russ Fielden of True Blue Bay Resort, was pleased with the pace of construction.

Mr. Fielden was the driving force behind the project, raising funds and informing the public about the school’s condition.

“I have to say thank you very much to the Minister of Education, because, once he gave the thumbs up to the continuation of the school, and endorsing the project, the rest of it was relatively easy. It’s very easy to raise funds for such an emotive subject as a school for a small poor community that needed it desperately,” Mr. Fielden said.

Another principal investor in the project is the Grenada Electricity Services. Grenlec’s Corporate Communications Manager, Prudence Greenidge, said, that the company was happy to help.

“Education is something that Grenlec sees as a priority, and we have to look at it holistically. The environment has to enable learning. This project is extremely important, and we know as Russ indicated, that it is so for the entire community of Vendomme and the nation by extension,” Ms. Greenidge said.

Minister of Education, Hon. Anthony Boatswain, closed the visit by expressing the need for cooperation between the Private and Public Sectors to help the nation’s youth.

“With all the goodwill, the enthusiasm of the Ministry of Education, the continuation or the resumption of this project would not have been possible without the intervention of our Private and Corporate citizens,” Minister Boatswain said.

“In these times, we know that government is challenged with regards to providing financing and we cannot do it alone. Therefore, the need for private-public partnership, cooperation, collaboration, between the Private Sector and the Corporate citizens and the government, ought to be the way forward for moving the educational sector to higher heights.”

Image: True Blue Bay Resorts

Government Information Service

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