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Date: July 29, 2013 at 02:57:50
From: News, []
Subject: PM Mitchell rekindles the fire of Caribbean unity in the American capital



ST. GEORGE'S , GRENADA, Friday, July 26, 2013 - GIS: If Nationalism was the overall tone of the New York Town hall meeting last Saturday night, then regionalism was the resounding backdrop of the town hall meeting in Washington, DC on Tuesday, July 23.

A capacity and very diverse audience at the Howard University Digital Auditorium welcomed Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, and engaged his ideas for regional development and international partnerships to stimulate economic growth.

The Prime Minister fielded questions and comments from a broad cross-section of the attendees comprising diplomats, the intellectual brass of Howard university, professors, students, local businessmen, potential investors, athletes and artists, nationals of other Caribbean islands, and of course, Grenadian nationals from the area.

Topics of paramount and spirited engagement between the Prime Minister and the audience included the status, role and relevance of CARICOM in regional development; regional plans to stimulate economic growth; regional transport; reduction on monopoly services that are intrinsic to regional growth and survival; Grenada's foreign policy with respect to ALBA and other sub-regional organizations; healthcare; the development of an educated, knowledge-based society; plans to reduce the high unemployment rate, and overall plans for sustainable investment.

In several unprecedented moves, some persons made verbal proposals and pledges to the Prime Minister to assist Grenada in several areas, including the advancement of technology in schools and communities by providing the necessary infrastructure and helping to train professionals and entrepreneurs by building capacity.

Prior to the general meeting, Prime Minister Mitchell met with both the President and Provost of the University, and they discussed the exploration of scholarship and recruitment initiatives to develop and take advantage of the natural historic ties that the University has had in the Caribbean region.

Several of the region's high profile leaders are alumni of Howard university; including Dr. Eric Williams, and Grenada's own, Dr. Keith Mitchell, who was both a student and a professor of the university.

Overall, the town hall meeting promised to see tangibility and seriousness of results moving forward, in areas that are designed to help Grenada on its path to economic, educational and social growth, consistent with the message of Prime Minister Mitchell in national and regional fora.

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