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Date: August 16, 2013 at 10:52:54
From: News, []
Subject: Kirani James to receive cash payment on government bonds



ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, Thursday, August 15, 2013 - GIS: The Grenada Government will make a cash payment to Olympic gold medalist Kirani James when he returns to the island early next month as part of the local value of bonds promised following his victory in the 400m at the London Olympics last year.

“Prime Minister expressed to him that this government will deliver on the bond agreement that the previous government administration would have made with Kirani, except this time this government is going to give him the first installment in cash,” said the Press Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, Kisha Alexander Grant.

So he will be collecting that upon his next visit to Grenada which is in a few weeks”.

James, who turns 21 on September 1, became the first athlete from outside the USA to break the 44-second barrier when he clocked 43.94 seconds and also won Grenada's first ever Olympic medal.

Prime Minister Mitchell spoke with James on Wednesday after his disappointing seventh place finish in the Men’s 400m final at the IAAF Championships in Moscow.

“He expressed his full support and how proud we continue to be of Kirani as a Grenadian,” said the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister.

“He continues to put us on the map and as a sports man himself I think that Prime Minister understands the flow of sports. You are going to have off days and he conveyed that to Kirani. Of course he is disappointed, that’s not the result he would have wanted but he does understand that as an athlete these things are going to happen”, the Press Secretary said.

“We are really proud of him Prime Minister expressed that pride and I think over all the sentiments been very positive”.

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Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, Tanteen, St. George.

Telephone: 14734402061


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