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Date: August 21, 2013 at 00:26:04
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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - GIS: Grenadians are going back to work, as promised by government, with a number of projects taking place around the country.

One of those projects is the Agricultural Feeder Roads Projects which was launched some months ago, and now work has commenced at Laura-Land Estate in St. David intensifying the progress of work under this project.

Returning CCC workers are delighted to be back on the job after four and a half years.

“Past times work has been scarce, now they’re back I appreciate it that I could get something to do” said one worker.

Another who worked with the company for ten years said, “It was kind of difficult. Sometimes I get a little three months or four months, so they back now I must feel happy, I could support my family a little better”.

“It’s a wonderful thing to be back on the job and that CCC is here to help the Grenadian people to provide jobs for those who were out of jobs for a while. I guess everyone who is on the site now is happy that we back on stream again”.

Farmers too have given government the thumbs up with the commencement of the Agricultural Feeder Roads at Laura Land Estate Road.

CCC’s Project Manager Roberto Jacinto said ,past workers are being recruited and people in the area are being given priority.

Jacinto said the locals will get to understand how we operate and will be able to get other opportunities with the company. “I am really happy to join the company. I feel happy to see that progress is once again making in Grenada and I think we all will enjoy it as time goes on” said another employee.

Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Works is Winston Gabriel. He said, the Ministry has urged CCC to utilize as much labour in the area in which the road is being constructed, and is happy they have complied so far.

Work began on the Laura Land Estate Road in St David on Wednesday July 24. It’s the first of the three roads selected under this project for the parish. The others are Morne Delice/Morne Gazo and Mt Tranquil.

The duration of work on the Laura Land road is 18 months ,but all three roads combined are expected to commence in August and September.

The work to be done on the Laura Land Estate Road includes widening of the road retaining walls and other concrete works.

“We’re hoping to move from Laura to a road in Mt Tranquil in the month of August, and later on to Morne Delice/ Morne Gazo,” said the Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Works

He said, at present, survey work is being carried out at Morne Delice road, and once this is done the designs could be completed by the end of August and early September.

CCC will be utilizing local equipment on the project as they await their equipment back on the island.

The flow of vehicular traffic will be interrupted along the Laura Land Estate Road.

Throughout the construction period various sections of the road will be closed to facilitate construction activities. Signs will be placed along the road to alert motorists and the general public.

Government Information Service

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