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Date: August 21, 2013 at 01:17:16
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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, Thursday, August 01, 2013- GIS: Education Minister Hon. Anthony Boatswain, has again underscored the importance of developing the country’s human resource.

He was at the time addressing the Annual Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Programme at the Spice Isle Beach Resort.

12 students received assistance from well known hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin, with support also provided to two children whose parents work at the resort.

This assistance, according to Education Minister Anthony Boatswain, is vital to the development of the country’s human resource. He said, this can lead to economic growth.

Minister Boatswain said, countries that have been making progress are not necessarily the countries that are endowed with natural resource, but placed a lot of emphasis on developing the human capital.

He said, Barbados is a typical example.

Minister Boatswain noted, that what they spend on their people far exceeds Grenada or any other of the OECS countries.

He said, Guyana on the other hand contains lots of resources, but for a long time it did not go forward, because the emphasis was not so much on the human capital.

“There is an irreversible link supported by the empirical evidence between education and economic development and transformation”, said The Education Minister.

Under the programme, students are provided with assistance for the duration of their secondary and tertiary education.

General Manager Brian Hardy, encouraged the new recipients and existing ones to make use of the opportunity provided.

He said ,too often, especially the younger minds look for opportunities overseas.

They always think “if I can get the opportunity to go away I will do better”. He however noted, that the opportunities are right here.

“Your opportunity is now not only the scholarship, but the environment in which you live. You have access to the internet, your parents, your teachers and make all the other opportunities available to you here in Grenada”, said the resort manager, Brian Hardy.

To date 137 students have benefited from the assistance provided which started some 22 years ago.

Sir Royston, Chairman and Managing Director of the resort, urged the children to take education seriously.

He encouraged them to work towards eradicating the country’s unemployment figures.

“Don’t listen to unemployment figures, because the only way we are going to bring down the unemployment is for those of you who are coming out, be it getting your degrees or equipping yourself, it’s your contribution to the public sector and private sector that is going to engender unemployment being eradicated”, said Sir Royston Hopkin.

The fund was launched in 1992 and is the brainchild of Sir Royston, with assistance given to the students mainly at the Grand Anse Roman Catholic School.

Government Information Service

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