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Date: August 21, 2013 at 01:53:27
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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, Thursday. August 08, 2013 - GIS: On August 9th, 2013, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Ecclesiastic Affairs will be enrolling an additional one thousand (1000) young persons into the New Imani Program.

Minister of Youth, Sport and Ecclesiastic Affairs, Hon. Emmalin Pierre stated that she is happy to announce that the New Imani is going extremely well and that she is satisfied with what has been happening thus far. Minister Pierre commended the trainees for their level of commitment and discipline which they have been demonstrating since the beginning of their training.

Since the commencement of the first batch of participants on July 1st, a total of one thousand one hundred and twenty five (1125) young persons are accessing the opportunity to develop skills necessary for life and by extension, nation building. The first batch of participants is currently focused on Self Development Training for a period of three months. The Minister stated, that based on the design and structure of the New Imani, the Self Development Training will be phased out into two days per week after the first three months.

Participants will be engaged in one of the four areas of the New Imani i.e. Direct Skills, Apprenticeship, Community Development, and Small Business. In relation to the Small Business component, she added that an additional one month of training will be given specifically in small business, after which an application for funding can be made under the New Imani.

The Commencement Ceremony and Orientation of the second batch of persons is scheduled to be held on Friday, 9th August, 2013, at the Grenada Trade Center at 10:00 a.m. All trainees are kindly asked to be seated by 9.30 am.

Government Information Service

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