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Date: September 11, 2013 at 18:16:08
From: News, []
Subject: Government sets aside half a million dollars for churches and faith based organizations



Government sets aside half a million dollars for churches and faith based organizations

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, August 27, 2013 - GIS:The Minister for Youth Sports and Ecclesiastic Affairs Hon. Emmalin Pierre has met with leaders of churches and faith-based organizations at the National Youth & Cultural Centre Morne Rouge, St. George’s to discuss how the entities could work together to assist in the overall development of the nation’s youth.

The Minister told the gathering that the Government has allocated a Faith-Based Fund for Youth Development, to the tune of five hundred thousand dollars (EC500,000) to provide small grants to faith-based organizations for undertaking youth projects in their surrounding communities. She noted that the partnership is intended to ensure that young people experience positive transformation in their lives.

The Minister urged the religious leaders to put aside the “petty differences” and work together to assist our young people to become better citizens. Minister Pierre also took the opportunity to encourage the leaders to become more involved, particularly in secondary schools. She pointed out that in the past the churches were more active in the schools, teaching students the importance of Biblical values.

She said, “A young person who has everything but does not have God will eventually still fail. That is why I believe that there is need for a greater presence as it relates to spiritual engagement in the programmes we offer our young people.”

Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church at Calivigny St. George’s, Pastor Kenneth Dubisette, who was present said, “It is a good initiative. There is always room for the church and the Government to work together, especially as it relates to the development of youth. I think this is a calling from the Lord for the church to reach our young people.”

An application form for funding can be obtained from the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Ecclesiastic Affairs or from youth officers in the various constituencies. Electronic copies of the application forms may also be requested through e-mails.

Government Information Service

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