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Date: September 12, 2013 at 07:36:25
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Celebration is timely and fitting, “Promoting jobs, protecting workers in an ever changing world of work”. We note the theme for this year’s celebration. The theme brings to mind what my Government views as a pre-requisite for social and economic development. This is in keeping with the International Labour Organisation’s Decent Work Country Programme.

While we respect the theme chosen for this year’s celebration we would like to encourage the TUC and employers that in the process of managing workers, please do not hesitate to consult with the Ministry of Labour. It is in working together on the basis of tri-partism, that we are able to enjoy the present stable industrial climate in the country. We encourage you the public to share in our programme of activities during this month.

There is a crisis; this crisis was not created by Grenada or the making of the ordinary working people of Grenada, the Caribbean and the rest of the third world. However, ordinary workers have become its biggest victims. The Government is dealing with the economic crisis which manifested itself in the form of:

1.Rising food prices

2.Contraction in foreign investment projects

3.Cutbacks in remittances

4.Cutbacks in foreign aid from donor countries that now have to pump millions of dollars to solve their own economic problems.

There is a slowdown in tourist arrival which means diminishing revenue from the sector. The present economic situation is making it difficult for workers to pay for basic necessities like, food, etc.

These workers still have a job and must thank God and do their utmost to ensure that they treat their employers and co-workers with respect. They must ensure that they give a “fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”. At no point in time must workers “short change” employers and vice versa. Let us remember that it is only the business with high productivity that can do well and survive. This survival means continuous employment for workers, no cut in salaries, and no lay-offs.

This is why our administration moved to provide certain incentives to the hotel sector to safeguard workers at the most difficult period of the crisis.

The Minister for Labour, recognizes this important role the Ministry must play in enhancing this enabling environment. This will ensure that our strategic objective can be achieved and a stable labour climate can be maintained.

I thank you.

Government Information Service

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