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Date: October 31, 2013 at 16:39:05
From: Explained!!!, []


Income tax threshold has been lowered to EC$36,000.00 per year. This works out to exactly EC$3000.00 a month.

NOW IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT A PERSON EARNING EC$3000.00 A MONTH PAYS INCOME TAX. But if you work for EC$3500.00 you pay on the EC$500.00 and not on the EC$3000.00. And you pay 15% on that EC$500.00 a month which works out to EC$75.00.

There are those who are trying to make it seem as though people earning EC$3000.00 will have to pay EC$450.00 and that is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.

Income tax in the lower range means you pay 15% on anything after EC$3000.00 a month. IT DOES NOT MEAN PEOPLE EARNING THAT FIGURE OR UNDER IT PAY ANYTHING.

THEY MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT. Now is that over taxing poor people?

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