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Date: September 26, 2014 at 08:54:45
From: News, []
Subject: St. Andrew South East Development Organization Condems New Today article


St. Andrew South East Development Organization Condems New Today article

Grenville, Grenada: 25 September 2014

The St. Andrew South East Development Organization notes with sadness the recent passing of Corporal Elarius Frank, brother to the Honourable Parliamentary Representative for St. Andrew South East, Mrs. Emmalin Pierre. We express on behalf of all residents in the constituency, our deepest condolence to the MP and assure her of our collective prayers and support as she and her extended family go through this period of grief, loss and mourning.

Hon. Pierre has been a tower of strength to many families in the constituency who have suffered loss regardless of political affiliation – whenever she becomes aware of a death in the constituency she always sends a card, contacts or visits the family, and whenever in almost every case attends the funeral. All of us who have been consoled by her in our time of loss now join in supporting her in her period of bereavement.

We were therefore horrified to read the contents of an article in the New Today newspaper entitled ‘Policeman is dead’. The St. Andrew South East Development Organization strongly condemns the insensitive action of the ‘New Today’ for printing what we have verified to be an untrue statement. The now deceased officer was never on the island in question during the incident reported by the paper and in any event it is insensitive and inappropriate for any media house to attempt to defame someone who, being dead, cannot defend his name.

The printing of this erroneous article has no doubt caused considerable distress to the family of Corporal Frank as they mourn his loss. We can only hope that by publicly condemning this action media houses will be more sensitive in future about the types of articles that they publish especially when families are grieving. We call on the publishers of the ‘New Today’ to apologise to the family of Corporal Elarius Frank. We note that today it is the Frank family but tomorrow it can be any family in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

On behalf of the organisation
C. Nedd

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