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Date: October 17, 2014 at 09:28:21
From: News, []
Subject: Statement on the Possible Threat of EBOLA


Statement on the Possible Threat of EBOLA

Dear Colleagues,

As the nationís voice and fifth estate, it is with
great urgency that I encourage, on behalf of MWAG,
all journalists to be vigilant in containing the
Ebola pandemic.

It is at this time that we prove our worth to the
nation by thoroughly sensitizing the Grenadian
public of all developments made in the spread of the
Ebola virus.

In addition to doing this, should the virus become a
direct threat to Grenadian borders, I urge all
journalists to exercise all precautionary measures
to ensure that delivering a story; will not cost you
your life.

Media houses should begin developing strategies to
protect its employees, while they are doing their
jobs, should Ebola reach our shores.

Ebola is already disastrous, and without proactive
media personnel to cover the developing stories, it
may be even more disastrous.

An ounce of is Prevention is always better than a
pound of cure.

Respectfully Yours,

Shere-Ann Noel
President MWAG

President: Shere-Ann Noel 1st Vice
President: Kirk Seetahal 2nd
Vice President: Mikey Hutchinson
Secretary: Blossom Alexis-Welsh
(473) 534-0203; (473) 420-
1399 (473)
(473) 420-1943

Treasurer: Yuri Marryshow
Asst Secretary: Bernadette Baptiste
(473) 404-8582

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